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[Recherche de partenaires] Le Conservatoire de Madeire cherche des partenaires pour un projet Erasmus +

theatre madeira erasmus

Le Conservatoire de Madeire (Portugal) recherche des partenaires pour un projet Erasmus + permettant à des étudiants d’effectuer une période de formation ou de stage dans un autre pays.

Public : étudiants en arts du spectacle (performance, musique, théâtre, danse contemporraine, etc.) âgés entre 16 et 25 ans

Description et contact (en anglais)

The Conservatory Professional Arts School of Madeira asks for an aid to help us in the context of a European project. The request for support at the partner level for the Erasmus+ project at the level of artistic teaching of theater and dance. We present our organization and the foundation of the project.

The Conservatory – Professional School of Arts Madeira, Engº Luiz Peter Clode (CEPAM), is a public institution and the only organization accredited to teach professional courses in performing, theater and contemporary dance in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal).
It is housed in an outermost island , characterized essentially by the remoteness from the European continent , which has a close neighborhood exclusively consisted of non-member countries of the EU; which, among other features, significantly limits the development of the teaching- learning process of their students due to the multiplicity of experiences. As a consequence of this fact, multiculturalism turns out to be scarce.
It is in this context that the project « United by Arts » comes up directed at students of professional courses in instruments, theater and contemporary dance . It’s a project that is focused in the development of professional learning through the promotion of mobility among students of different schools in order to enable international and multicultural levels of experience by providing performance experience in different contexts and confronting the curriculum and the syllabus of different countries.
Providing students a training/internship period in another country will allow the acquisition of new knowledge and experience, « sine qua non » for their training, since experiencing other professional experiences, contacting with other professionals and with other public, with different degrees of requirements, trying new methodologies and techniques , and acquiring new methods of primary analysis and interpretation of knowledge and the development of professional skills and performance, are essential to their training curriculum in the areas of classical music, theater and dance which goal is for students to continue their studies and enter the labor market.
This project includes a total of 63 trainees, aged between 16 and 25 years old in the fields of music, theater and contemporary dance in professional education (professional qualification level IV), who are attending the 3rd and 2nd years, of which 33 are young people from families with few financial resources, 3 are with special educational needs; 6 were born in foreign countries; and as gender equality, CEPAM has guaranteed this premise.
Mobility will last three weeks. For this purpose, the methodologies will be applied in three phases:
1st Phase – Before the onset of mobility: CEPAM will provide a list with the identification and the degree of knowledge of each trainee to the host entity; the host entity shall prepare and send (in advance) the Training Plan for three weeks , as well as the subjects to be studied during the period of mobility. Regarding the dance and theater students, they should participate in the creative process of a show, demonstrating the mastery of technical and interpretative skills.
2nd Phase – during the period of mobility CEPAM will execute the training plan; organize music, theater and dance performances opened to the general public; provide the respective records (Room programs, photographic records, and / or the respective recordings on DVD or audio); organize the program of social-cultural activities (language teaching, study visits, etc.); fill in the above mentioned documentation (for VET Mobility Agreement; Agreement for ECVET Mobility, Quality Comitment; Description of Skills and Competences acquired during the Europass Mobility Experience, Training Report: Attendance Registration: Attendance Certificate Erasmus+); and organize social integration with local students.
3rd Phase – After the mobility period: CEPAM shall validate the ratings assigned to learners through tests and interviews; and apply a survey of students about their appreciation of the training period/internship and on their learning (methods and techniques used throughout the training/internship).
At the end the results will be announced for the whole school community and the new tools will be reflected on the improvement actions of the teaching/learning strategies.
In general terms, CEPAM predicts that this mobility experience will contribute to the formation of active citizens, critical, outspoken , supportive and responsible and thereby seeking the achievement of the priorities defined in the educational project; and hence the level of educational attainment and further education. And also actively contribute to enhance the image of vocational training, consolidating the growing and necessary equality between, on the one hand, general education and vocational training and, on the other hand, learning and professional expertise.
For futher information on the project, please feel free to contact:
Vítor Gonçalves
e-mail: vitorgngoncalves@hotmail.com